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Foundations of Well-Being

The foundations of well-being are those that strengthen each of through each other. We are strongest when there exists connection within self, within community, and within culture. Since everything in life is inextricably linked, we thrive when those around us thrive, and we struggle when those connections are threatened.​

But tell me again, why do well-being or thriving matter?

Well-being matters because well-being is just another way of talking about how we are doing, how others are doing, and how we are doing together.

Thriving matters because asking if we are thriving is just another way of asking if we are living our best lives, as individuals, and together as a community.​

Foundations of Well-being: Values

Connectedness, Compassion, Trust.

Underpinning well-being in self, community, and culture, are three values: connectedness, compassion, and trust. When these values are intertwined and integrated into our daily practices of life, well-being and thriving is possible.


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